Clear Cut Meals: Meals Done Right

What Is Happening?
We've folded Clear Cut Meals into our recently launched service, Dinner, and have moved the entire operation to our much bigger, brand new prep kitchen in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx.
After five years, Clear Cut Meals' last day of operation at the 81st street location was Friday May 22nd.
Due to the popularity of our new Dinner Thyme service, we needed to move from our 81st street location. The space is too small to meet the current demand let alone our projected future demand.

Unfortunately, without an Upper East Side location, we can no longer offer same day ordering, no minimum, free delivery or pick up which are key features of the Clear Cut Meals' service.
What Is Next?
For us, the next couple of weeks will be very hectic as we pack up the operation and move to Hunts Point. Once settled, we will be emailing an invitation with a generous offer to our Clear Cut Meals customers so that they can try the new Dinner Thyme service.
Clear Cut Meals was a service designed for "same day ordering". It was a dinner option much like ordering delivery from a restaurant - decide what you want, place the order, receive your order and cook it that same evening.

Dinner Thyme is more of a "weekly service".  Customers place an order for multiple meals for the upcoming week.  We prep and deliver all the meals on their chosen delivery day.  The meals are packaged so they stay fresh for many days.  This way the customer has flexibility as to which nights they prepare the individual meals.

The current menu's are almost identical except for a few items that don't meet the Dinner Thyme criteria. However, with Dinner Thyme, we'll be able to feature several new menu items each week.  Additionally we'll be introducing specialty menus like, kids meals, dinner party meals and outdoor grill meals. By the way, did we mention the prices are lower for Dinner Thyme?
Lastly, on a personal note, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our customers. Clear Cut Meals was a success because of our great customers and without that success we wouldn't be able to take this next step. From the countless referrals and recommendations to the extremely helpful feedback and comments.  All of it was greatly appreciated and vital to our success.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy the new Dinner Thyme service.  Richard (Rick) Fay - founder / owner
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